Ebba Blitz, CEO


The AlertSec Ensure U.S. patented technology has been developed by the same team that developed PointSec – the world leading full disk encryption software. PointSec was later acquired by Check Point Technologies and is now the full disk encryption solution offered by Check Point.

AlertSec Ensure has a dedicated server, placed in the USA, with mirroring as well as redundant backup.

All communication between the AlertSec Ensure agent and the Ensure server is secured. The device encryption status is communicated securely on the device and cannot be intercepted.

Checks performed

The AlertSec Ensure agent is a one-time download software. Once installed, it resides on the device and performs an encryption check when requested at login. The check will report IP-address, date, time, device ID, browser, operating system and encryption status. No other data is collected or stored. The check only verifies that the device is encrypted. For smartphones and tablets it also checks that Android devices are not rooted.

How can I trust all unencrypted devices will be blocked?

AlertSec Ensure is able to verify encryption with an agent that is downloaded at the first login attempt. The agent will check for full disk encryption regardless of if it is OS-native (BitLocker or FileVault2) or any other vendor encryption software. File or folder encryption will not be approved.

False negatives

A case number is generated for blocked devices. Your support helpdesk is therefore able to manually verify if the device is encrypted and remotely allow the user to continue the login process. This capability can also be delegated to the AlertSec 24/7 technical support helpdesk team.

Export regulations/Certifications

There are no U.S. export regulations applicable for AlertSec Ensure. Since AlertSec Ensure is not performing any encryption (it is only checking that encryption is activated on the device) no encryption certifications are needed.

Since each device has to download an agent there is a click-wrap End User License Agreement (EULA) that end users need to approve. A copy of the EULA can be downloaded under DOCUMENTATION.