Ebba Blitz, CEO

Sales & Contract


There is a fixed monthly fee and a monthly charge depending on the number of unique devices that have been checked for encryption. Each device is only charged once, regardless of how many times it has been inspected during a month.

Purchase agreements can be tailored to any length. Please enquire regarding high volume discounts. We are able to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) if required.


To place and order email order@alertsec.com. Should you wish to discuss an order please, contact sales@alertsec.com or call (888) 839-7048.


AlertSec Ensure is delivered as a platform. Once the Purchase contract is signed, an email containing the login credentials to the AlertSec Ensure platform is delivered.

There are no U.S. export regulations applicable for AlertSec Ensure. Since AlertSec Ensure is not installing encryption (it is only checking that encryption is activated on the device) no encryption certifications are needed.

Each device that needs to be verified for encryption by AlertSec Ensure has to approve a click-wrap End User License Agreement (EULA). A copy of the EULA can be downloaded under DOCUMENTATION.


AlertSec Ensure is currently only available from AlertSec. We do not accept partner applications at this time. Should your purchasing procedures require an already approved and established IT partner for purchasing, please contact partnersales@alertsec.com for details.

Training and setup

You do not need to train your technicians to maintain and administrate AlertSec Ensure. Once implemented, AlertSec Ensure simply blocks unencrypted devices. Should there be any technical issues during the installation of the encryption check agent we have a free 24/7 helpdesk available for all end users. A free phone assistance during set up is also available.

Road Map/Customer reference/Licensing

For road map, customer references or licensing please contact sales@alertsec.com.