Ebba Blitz, CEO

Partner Program

Our Partner Program offers a fast setup with recurring revenue.

The AlertSec Laptop Encryption Partner Program gives you:

  • The number one fully managed computer security service.
  • Margin on each subscription and recurring revenue.
  • 24/7 helpdesk for you and your customers.
  • A web based tool to manage and keep track of your Laptop Encryption customers.
  • Quick and easy online set up of the service.


In short, AlertSec represents an interesting growth opportunity and the AlertSec Laptop Encryption Partner Program is the perfect way for you to leverage that opportunity for your business.

As an AlertSec Partner, you can manage and deploy computer security for your customers and users without the need to run or host anything internally on your network. You may also create your own security settings.

Sounds interesting? Please email to partnersales@alertsec.com in order to become a partner, and we will contact you shortly with further information.

Computer Security At Its Best
Available software applications:
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Media Encryption / Port Control
  • Compliance Check
  • Anti-Malware / Program Control
  • Firewall
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