Endpoint Encrypt

By using AlertSec Endpoint Encrypt you ensure that all your data is always encrypted. With our fully managed cloud service you can encrypt your computers, USB sticks and external hard drives. There is no need to invest in software, hardware or training – everything you need is included in the monthly subscription.

Included software applications

  • Full Disk Encryption

    Full Disk Encryption with pre-boot authentication ensures that only authorized users can access data on protected computers. A user must provide a valid ID and password before the operating system will boot.

    The encryption is powered by Check Point and is certified to the highest standards and AlertSec helpdesk provides users with 24/7 assistance to access locked computers.

  • Media Encryption

    Provides encryption of removable storage media such as USB sticks, external hard drives, CDs and DVDs. Users can securely access encrypted media from unmanaged computers: no client installation is required.

  • Port Control

    Port Control enables control of the activity on all computer ports and includes centralized logging of port activity. Access to endpoint ports such as USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. can be centrally managed.

  • Compliance Check

    All endpoints are scanned for compliance with pre-defined security policies. Administrators can ensure that endpoints are compliant in a number of different areas:

  • Endpoint Security Client software is up-to-date
  • Endpoint has the latest authorized Operating System Service Packs
  • Check for missing or non authorized applications

Computer Security At Its Best
Available software applications:
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Media Encryption / Port Control
  • Compliance Check
  • Anti-Malware / Program Control
  • Firewall
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